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Welcome / Benvinguts / Bienvenido / Bienvenue / Willkommen

This Wiki site has been set up to enable a group of volunteer translators to work on English, French and German translations of information currently only available in Castilian and Valenciano at the Soler Blasco Museum in Xàbia / Jávea, Spain. Anyone who is interested can join the project, or if you just have a passing interest, feel free to send your suggestions to us.

Please click on the "Translations / Traducciones" links on the menu, to go to pages which lists all the documents we have thus far uploaded for translating.
Editing this Site
If you want to edit any of these pages, you will need to have a Wikidot account and be a member of this site. If interested please use click on Contact on the menu on the left and we will send you an invitation with info on how to join. Site members can check out the video on Tips on Editing this Site, and then get on with translating !


Some of the volunteer translators with Museum director Ximo Bolufer (top left)

Latest News

August 2019

  • Thanks to the efforts of Sylvette Ruiz-Serfat, Philippe Terrettaz, Doris Courcelles and Eric Laurent the Museum now has information about its displays in French on all three floors.
  • English versions of the texts for all floors have been completed and we are now working on labels of the exhibits.
  • We have also translated the second edition of Quaderns: English version of “Xàbia en la Modernitat. Apunts sobre la seua evolució històrica” by Antoni F. Grau Escrihuela published in Quaderns del Museu de Xàbia No 2-2018. (ISSN: 2603-6447). For illustrations see the original printed version (in Valenciano) - available at the Museum. Price €11.00 : English text as a PDF with glossary http://amuxabia.weebly.com/xagravebia-in-the-modern-era.html
  • The next edition of Quaderns will be about prehistory - English translation out in 2020!
  • We have also translated the texts for an important travelling exhibition "Art and Death on the Montgó" about a recent excavation of the Barranc del Migdia cave on the Montgó, and texts for the brochure for the exhibition on the 400th Anniversary of Xàbia's establishment as a "Vila Réal" as well as the texts of The Islamic Castles of the Marina Alta : http://amuxabia.weebly.com/expo---castells-andalusins.html
  • We contributed to the English text for the photographic book "Xàbia en blanc i negre" (Xàbia in black and white)
  • AMUX - The AMICS DEL MUSEU DE XABIA (Friends of the Xàbia Museum), was formed to help support this and other projects for the museum. It as organises talks and outings to promote interest in the Museum, Xàbia and Spain's history. See: http://amuxabia.weebly.com/index.html. AMUX is also on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We have had coverage in the regional press :

The Leader Information in English in Xàbia Museum
Report in Xàbia al Dia magazine in Spanish

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