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The Soler Blasco Museum in Jávea/Xábia houses many important archaeological and historical relics.

It is a major cultural and tourism asset for the town. However, the information displayed there is only in Valenciano and Castilian, and it would be of considerable benefit to the museum's international image and to tourism in the Jávea if it were in other European languages as well.

There have been several attempts to translate the text in the display cases into English, most notably by Marjorie Halford (sadly deceased), Nina Davies and Diana Theakston. However, the volume of work is really too much for a single volunteer, and none of their efforts have been printed or otherwise made available to the public.

We have therefore set up this Wiki so that anyone who is interested can join the translation and editing team, so that working collaboratively, we can produce information sheets which are both technically accurate and written in fluent English. We are expanding this project to cover other European languages, such as French, Dutch and German.

Our thanks to Ximo Bolufer - Director of the Soler Blasco Museum, Xàbia, for his kind cooperation, and supplying us with the original texts in Castilian and Valenciano

If interested. Please contact me, Chris Betterton-Jones, via the "Contact" menu item of the left.

We shall be holding informal workshops on how to edit the Wiki as and when new volunteers join. See also video on the Tips on Editing this Site page on this Wiki.

Best wishes and thanks to all.

Chris Betterton-Jones (technical coordinator)

Nina Davies
Maggie Morgan

Other members of the translation team
Josep Castelló
Trish Penny
Mary Gowland
Wendy Loxley
Diana Theakston
Fabio Bezoari
Peter Atkinson
Doris Courcelles
Santiago Thevenet
Jordi Giner

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