Wiki - Xàbia Cave Painting - discussion

Trish has many questions about the terminology - and will be posting them here.

Notes by Chris:
"laminita" looks like diminutive of "lamina" - a plate or sheet. It is more like blade or flake!!!

"Arte mueble" equates to "portable art" if you cross reference the Spanish and English Wikis on Paleaolithic art.

"These remains allow us to date the burials to the second half of the third millennium. (??BCE??)". - checking the English Wiki this should be third Millennium BC - the beginning of the bronze age.

"una laminita" - There is no sensible direct translation of this (=sheet or plate). I took a look at the object in the museum case (where it is called a "lámina") and compared it with photos on websites about flint tools. In English it would be described as a "flake" or "blade" - A blade is a flint that is more than twice as long as it is wide - and this specimen seems to fit that description. Yes, that is the most correct!!

Questions from Trish:
digitaciones - I suspect digits = fingers, so is this finger shapes (finger prints would be huellas), or hand prints perhaps? It is digitation, made with the top of the finger
meandriformes - meanderings is a guess.

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