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I couldn't find the English translation for "crujía" (in Spanish) or "crugia"/"nevada" (Valencian). I guess it might be something like "gallery", but I'm not too sure. This is what wordreference provides for "crujía":

crujía f Arquit space between two supporting walls

In my family the term "navaes" (a deformation of "nevades") refers to the different sections of wooden beams that hold the ceiling of the house (one, two, three… depending on the size of the room or house), if I'm not mistaken. Is there a specific word in English for that? Because I don't know if what wordreference suggests is completely accurate: as I understand it, a "nevada" doesn't necessarily require two supporting walls enclosing it, since a 1-room house can have several "nevades".

On the other hand, since I've just landed in the translation group, I was wondering if a specific translation for "partides" (e.g. partida de les Cansalades) has been being used consistently or if I should just leave it like that, without translating.

Thank you!

Jordi - 25/08/2013

Notes from Chris:
RE: Partidas / Partides - I have dug through all kinds of references and this is what the legal dictionary says:

Diccionario Espasa términos jurídicos © Espasa Calpe 2007
partida: f
1 Com (cargamento, lote) batch, consignment
2 Jur (documento oficial) certificate
3 Fin (de un presupuesto) item
4 subdivision of a town
I guess we could say "district" or "area" (like Soho in London) - I have re-worded the end of para 2 to leave out "les partides" entirely, since the previous phrase: "marginal areas of non-irrigated land" implies all the information needed i.e.

though they can also be found to a lesser extent in marginal areas of non-irrigated land, such as Cansalades, Cap de Martí,….

We haven't had to translate "las partidas" before !

Crujías - I have checked through various architectural references and the closest I can get is "bay"

Internal compartments of a building; each divided from the other by subtle means such as the boundaries implied by divisions marked in the side walls (columns, pilasters, etc.) or the ceiling (beams, etc.). Also external divisions of a building by fenestration (windows).

Arco de medio punto - a Roman or semi-circular arch

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