Meeting 24th February

Xàbia Museum Translation Project

Notes of meeting

Embruix Cafe, Xabia
24 February 2012
Present: Nina Davies, Chris Betterton Jones, Maggie Morgan, Peter Atkinson, Joanne Beaumont, Josep

1. Maggie, Chris and Nina, with help from Josep, will aim for completed texts of ground floor only by 2 March. Chris will concentrate on the glossary.

2. These texts will be printed on A4 sheets and laminated. For this trial set the Computer Club laminator can be used. ..

3. A presentation of these trial texts will be made to Ximo Bolufer , and to Empar Bolufer and Pepa Roig from the Town Hall Culture department.. Once the Town Hall group are satisfied with the presentation, then future sheets can be copied and laminated by the Town Hall.

4. Nina , Chris and Maggie will meet next Friday, 2 March to check progress.

5. We are still awaiting the texts from Ximo from the top floor exhibits

6. Once the ground floor A4 laminated sheets are agreed and being used it will be speedier work to produce the texts for the other floors. Also quicker to translate into French, German, Dutch ……..

Nina Davies 27 February 2012

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