Migdia Video

Cova del Barranc del Migdia

by Cirne Foundation

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In October 2009, an archaeological project was launched that took a long time waiting for the moment. Finally, the Foundation, the Museum of Xàbia Cirne and also the MARQ, have started digging and research works in the cave of Barranco de Migdia on the Montgó mountain of Jávea-. I've been lucky enough and privileged that I encomanaren the audiovisual monitoring of this exploration. Aci is a show where the camera follows the archaeologist who heads the project. To make it happen have collaborated several institutions and working groups such as the provincial government or firefighters.

At the end of the 3rd millennium a.n.e. the profound transformations will be fully assumed by already neolítiques a population increasingly numerous and more ability to alter the environment. One of those moments which are characterized by the appearance of the first in our villages, the collective burials in caves and the first metal tools, are among the most common of the Cova del Montgó and especially the cave of Barranco del Migdia. The latter corresponds to a collective burial cave site, with an important set of schematic cave paintings with religious or cult significance that now we're away …

Presentation of the full length documentary"Art i mort al Montgó"

by MesXabia TV

With English subtitles.

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