Museum texts - English

Each document corresponds to the content of a particular panel in a display case.

English versions finished

Ground Floor

Vila 1612 Texts of wall panel describing buildings
(On left of main entrance) Vila 1612 panel

Case No 0. Restoration of the Xàbia Museum collection
Case No 0. Casa del Cable Removed
Case No 0. Cova del Comte New display (July 2015) - Removed 2017
Case No 1 Palaeolithic and Epipalaeolithic
Case No 2 Prehistoric art
Case No 3 Chalcolithic and Bronze
Case No 4 The Iberian culture
Case No 5 The Iberian treasure of Xàbia
Case No 6 Table of archaeological sites and The Roman Settlements of Xàbia
Case No 7 The Roman remains of Arenal Point
Case No 8 The Necropolis of Muntayar
Case No 9 The architectural decorations of Arenal Point

Coins From the Drachma to the Peseta - Special glass case on the Ground floor near the Roman exhibition.
adsuvia-site-temporary-exhibition Adsuvia Site - temporary exhibition - moved to Case 9 in Roman section]]]

Lower Ground Floor - Ironworks (Smithy)

First Floor

Rooms 6 - 9. English version finished

Room 6 (VI) "Arqueológica Urbana de la Villa de Xàbia" - Urban archaeology of Xàbia Town

First Floor - Xàbia and its walls Room 6 (VI) - Case 10
First Floor - Piracy and the defence of the Coast - Room 6 (VI) Case 12
First Floor - The Urban area of Xàbia Room 6 (VI) Case 13
There is no Case number 11

Room 7 (VII): Middle Ages - Moorish

First Floor - The Andalucian Settlements in Xàbia Room 7 (VII) Case 14.
First Floor - Capsades - Room 7 - (VII) - Case 15
First Floor - Andalusían Cemeteries in Xàbia Room 7 (VII) Case 16

Room 8 (VIII): Middle Ages - Christian

First Floor - The Town of Xàbia a Medieval Creation Room 8 (VIII) Case 17
First Floor - Xàbia a Feudal Village Room 8 (VIII) Case 18

Room 9 (IX) : Medieval and Modern

First Floor - 18th Century Xàbia Room 9 (IX) Case 19
First Floor - The Castle of Granadella Room 9 (IX) Case 20
First Floor - 19th Century - the Raisin - Room 9 (IX) Case 21

Timeline showing equivalent terminology in English (in PDF format)

First Floor

New Display room (El Mar) - English version finished

Long panel on the left
First floor - Archaeology of boats

Four panels on the right
Xàbia and the Sea
The Anchorages of Xàbia
Amphoras, Commerce and Contacts
Underwater Archeology


Soler Blasco Paintings: descriptions of fiestas and activities they depict

Top Floor-Soler Blasco paintings-1 La Salpassa, La Buverota, El Pal Ensabonat, El Bou embolat - done by Chris
Top Floor-Soler Blasco paintings-2 El Ban, L'Enfit, La Rondalla, La Llata - Translated by Mary, Tweaked by Chris
Top Floor-Soler Blasco paintings-3 El Porrat, La Matança del Porc, La Escaldada - Done by Chris

Top Floor - FINISHED

Top Floor - Woodwork Translated & edited - Finalised
Top Floor - Vegetable fibre work Translated & edited - Finalised
Top Floor - Tosca Stone Translated & edited - Finalised -
The potteries of Xàbia Chris has posted Sue Brew's draft and Maggie has 'tweaked' it. Chris has re-arranged the words! Maggie has just edited this and rewritten some paras.
The Raisin Economy Mary has bagged this one - Chris has edited it.
The production of Raisins Done by Fabio…Maggie has edited this.
The Filaners - Hemp Spinners - Finished by Chris (text to be uploaded to this site)

Traditional Architecture - Checked and printed Aug 2017

Top Floor - Traditional Architecture - panel 1 - Introduction - Done by Maggie - Checked and edited by Chris. Also see discuss about "Tap"
Top Floor - Traditional Architecture - panel 2 - Historical synthesis - Done by Mary - re-phrased by Chris
Top Floor - Traditional Architecture - panel 3 - Agricultural expansion of the 18th Century Done by Jordi - see Discuss - checked over by Chris and rephrased a bit
Top Floor - Traditional Architecture - panel 4 - Agricultural expansion of the 18th Century - cont. Done by Chris - checked by Mary.
Top Floor - Traditional Architecture - panel 5 - Architecture of the grape : Houses Done by Trish - checked by Chris
Top Floor - Traditional Architecture - panel 6 - Architecture of the grape : Bourgeois Houses Done by Trish - checked by Chris
Top Floor - Traditional Architecture - panel 7 - Architecture of the grape : The Riurau - Done by Chris - checked and revised by Mary
Top Floor - Traditional Architecture - panel 8 - Other traditional architecture Done by Maggie - checked by Chris. See note in Discuss

Additional projects

The Romansiation of Xàbia
English version of “La Romanització a les terres de Xàbia” by Joaquim Bolufer Marqés , (Director, Soler Blasco Museum, Xàbia) published in Quaderns del Museu de Xàbia No 1-2017. (ISSN: 2603-6347). For illustrations see the original printed version (in Valenciano) - available at the Museum price €11.00
The Romanisation of Xàbia

Art and Death on the Montgó
Travelling exhibition - Fundacion Cirne until June 30th 2012 ; Soler Blasco Museum from 24th August until Sept 30th 2012
FINISHED - texts on display at the Museum

Xàbia Old Town History Guide
Translations for Xàbia Tourism Office booklet on the historical buildings of the Old Town.
FINISHED - Printed and being sold

Leaflet for 400 year Anniversary of Xàbia as an autonomous town: English summary on back Page .

Islamic Castles of the Marina Alta
Full text and photos on the AMUX website

Vila 1612 Full texts of brochure for translation into English - to be done.

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