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  • After you have translated a passage. Read it out loud. If it sounds horrible and stilted; it is horrible and stlted. Re-work your translation so its reads smoothly in English.

Useful tools for translating: : On-line dictionary and very useful forum. ideal for tricky phrases and idioms
Termcat - Catalan / Castlilian / English archaeological dictionary
Art and architecture English/Spanish Thesaurus Very useful for architectural terms you don't even understand in English
Spanish Translation generates translations from three different on-line services at once: Bing, SDL and Promt. If you use Google Translate to create a 4th version, you have a good chance of getting the gist.
Google Translate Be careful, it sometimes adds, and sometimes leaves out negatives
Reverso provides contextual examples of translations
Thesaurus If you find yourself lost for synonyms, use

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