Xàbia Old Town History Guide

Xàbia Town Hall has prepared a historical guide to the Old Town. Originally it was only in Valenciano and Castilian. Since this was aimed at tourists, it was considered nice to have the guide in as many languages as possible and since times are hard, and budgets tight, the Department of Tourism asked for volunteers to help with the translations.

A separate Wiki was set up to facilitate the work (the job being for the Tourism Departrment, not the Museum) and translations were printed in the Summer of 2012.
Since then, the translation projects have come under the purview of "Amics Del Museu de Xàbia" - Friends of the Xàbia Museum. The "Guide" documents have been transferred to this site and the other one deleted.

FINISHED - Printed

Xàbia. The legacy of a rich past (Xàbia. La herencia de un rico pasado)
The medieval town (La Villa medieval)
The fortress church of San Bartolomé (IGLESIA FORTALEZA DE SAN BARTOLOMÉ)
The Architecture- a reflection of its history Part 1 (La Arquitectura: Reflejo de su historia) -
The Architecture- a reflection of its history - 2 (La Arquitectura: Reflejo de su historia) -
The Tosca stone (LA PIEDRA TOSCA)
The growth of the raisin trade - Modern Xàbia (El auge del comercio de la pasa: La Xàbia Moderna) -


Maggie Morgan
Chris Betterton Jones
Sue Brew
Josep Castelló Marí

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